Samsung Galaxy S3: Smart & Globe

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Both Smart and Globe Telecom are now offering the Samsung Galaxy S III with their own Different Plans & Promo Offers. 
Smart offered the "Unli Data plan 2000" for the the SGS3, which is Php 2,000 a month and for Globe Telecom, they have offered different Plans & Promos but here is what I think is the best offer from them the "Unli Surf 2499" Php 2,499 a month.

Smarts Unli Data Plan 2000 is Php 499 cheaper than the Globe Telecom's Unli Surf 2499, but after summing the Total Cost of Ownership of both plans, Globe Telecom's Plan is Php 24.00 cheaper thatn the Smart's Unli Data Plan 2000.

Here's what they offer:

Smart Unli Data Plan 2000 Php 2,000 a month (Total Cost: Php 60,000)
  • Unlimited mobile internet.
  • 200 free SMS.
  • 150 free calls.
  • 30 months lock-in period.

UnliSurf Plan 2499 - Php 2,499 a month (Total Cost: Php 59,976)
  • Consumable Php1,500.
  • Unlimited mobile internet.
  • 24 months lock-in period.
  • Free Texts: 200 (Globe-to-Globe) + 25 (Other Networks.)
  • Free Call: 10mins (Globe-to-Globe) + 5mins (Other Networks).
  • Free Texts (International): 10.
  • Free Call (International): 20mins IDD.
  • Free UnliCall and Text: 1 Globe or TM number.

This is a limited offer, so don't wait before it ends. 

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