The Risk of Too Much Sun Exposure

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"Too much exposure to the sun will make you look old." 

This man has been a truck driver for the past 28 years. Because this is what he does for a living, every time he goes to work, the left side of his face and body were always exposed to the sun. Thus resulting to the condition of unilateral dermatoheliosis (one-sided photo aging).

The sun's UVA ray has been hitting the 69 year old truck driver's left face for almost 3 decades, for a bunch of working hours a day. Even though with his windows closed, UVA rays can still penetrate it without a problem. However Properly tinted glass windows may have protected him from the sun's UVA rays, but that wasn't the case. 

So if you don't wan't to be looking like "two-face" wear your shades, lotion, sunscreen with SPF 30 and hide from the sun!
Source: Yahoo

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