The Transit of Venus: Once in a Life Time Experience

Don't ever miss this once in a life time astronomical event on June 6 (Philippines), June 5, 2012 (North America). None of us who are living in existence today will ever see this kind of spectacle ever again. Because the next Transit of Venus will happen again on the next century.

The planet Venus will be visible and will appear like a small dot on the face of the  Sun. The Planet Venus will slowly move across the Sun for 6 hours and 40 minutes. So don't ever miss it! take a glimpse at it just to see how this kind of amazing thing happen. 

Reminder: By the way don't stare directly to the Sun, wear a protective glass for your eyes. 

Only selected places on Earth has the chance to see this once in a lifetime spectacular event, including the Philippines. Look in the map if you're one of the lucky one's. 
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