SoftBank's Pantone 5 107SH: Radation Detection

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This is the world's first ever "Radiation Detection Phone." Yes, it is a phone that can detect and measure radiation levels with only 20% of accuracy. I guess that's not bad at all, since it's one of the worlds first. 

As we all know a nuclear disaster hits Fukushima Japan and now the people there are worrying of exposure to radiation. That is why this phone will be very handy for them, though it's only 20% accurate, it's enough to help them on there everyday safety.  

See that small round button is located just beneath the screen? Whenever you hit that button, the phone will run an app that will then measure the radiation level in the surrounding air and thus helping the owner of the phone to know if he's in a place where there is a high level of radiation.  Very cool and useful phone right.

However this phone is yet to be released around the end of July and the price is yet to be revealed. This will surely be very appealing to the Japanese people. 

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