Thunders Defense Collapse in the 4th: Ginobili lead the Spurs

Photo: Edward A. Ornelas, Express-News / © 2012 San Antonio Express-News
Game 1: Thunder 98 – Spurs 101
Thunder dominated in the 3rd Quarter, however at the start of the 4th quarter, Spurs veterans Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker stepped up their games and started to find a way around the Thunder defense. 

The two have been slipping away from their defender and finding themselves in front of the basket with no help defense coming from anywhere
It was the effort of Ginobili in the 4th that helped the Spurs to take game 1 away from the determined young Thunder team. Their” defense” was one of the main key why James Harden, Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook had a hard time finding the basket.

Clearly, the Spurs showed their veteran cleverness and experience advantage over the young booming Thunder team.

Game 2: [forecast]

“Thunders Will Win Game 2 of the Western Finals against Spurs”
The young Thunder team just fell short in the 4th quarter that led for the San Antonio Spurs to take game 1 away from them.  However this does not mean that they will lose again in game 2, I’m pretty sure that they will find a way around the Spurs tight defense.

They will learn from the mistake they have made in game 1, and that is why they will adjust their defensive strategy to stop Ginobili and Parker from penetrating the basket.

 They are young, fresh and hungry, that will be the major key why they will win game 2 against the Spurs, but they must be careful not to waste every possession they have.

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