Transparency: Pres. Aquino Won't Sign the Waiver

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The public want's to see President Aquino's SALN, but he won't let it, because he believes that the SALN that he already signed is enough and is there no need of signing any waiver for the public to see - transparency? According to the Senators Sergio Osmena III and Teofisto “TG” Guingona II, that we (curious Filipino people) should respect the Presidents privacy. 

“You’re looking into his love life, into his car life, into his gun life. Pati ba naman bank accounts niya? He has no privacy anymore!” Osmena, chair of the Senate committee on banks, told reporters.
“Even in other countries, presidents don’t sign this kind of waiver. Dito lang ito nangyari because of the offshoot of the impeachment trial,” he added. 
 Whats the reason why Pres. Noynoy Aquino won't sign the waiver? Is he trying to hide something? Does he also have a Dollar account? If not, why won't he sign the f**** waiver, so that we (curious minds) will stop judging and speculating the you (Pres. Aquino) doesn't hide anything suspicious in your Assets and Liabilities. Or maybe you do hide something? 

Remember when all of us wants to see if Chief Justice Renato Corona is hiding something in his SALN? Almost all of the powerful politicians even the Pres. Aquino want's CJ Corona to disclose his bank accounts and sign the waiver that would would spill the truth out.

If the Statements of Assest and Liabilities (SALN) is enough, why did he urge CJ Corona to sign a waiver? "We get it!" You and I were not convinced that, that is enough to show that he is not hiding something. "So that's it!" Sign the waiver already!

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