iBam - The Next Generation Green Speaker

Photo taken from the iBam video
For those who loves environmental and green products, I am now introducing to you, the future of speakers and amplifiers, "The iBam." It's a very stylish and handcrafted bamboo which requires no electricity. 

Enjoy listening to your music with these new green & mean speaker. 
"Announcing the iBam - the next generation green speaker for all you music lovers. This summer, we'll bring you iBam 2... So, stay tuned!
Ethically sourced, locally made, handcrafted with pride and love at the SL Kampung, the iBam is your choice of speaker for your iPhone. Requiring absolutely no power source so that you can enjoy your favourite music a little louder and greener too!
Stylish yet sturdy, the iBam is fully portable and its simplicity speaks volume!
iBam - for a greener digital world!"
Here's a sample, click here.

Note: "I do not own nor invented the product above, I just found this interesting product on Youtube."

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