Boeing 727-200: My Airplane Home

Bruce Campbell bought a $100,000 aircraft a few years ago, then decided to make this into his "Dream Home."  

"This probably is the best dream home I've seen so far."  Anyway back to the story.

Campbell was able to renovate some parts of the plane to make it livable, but it needs more work. His Airplane home already has an electricity and as well as running water, though installing plumbing is still into work. Privacy is another concern, since it is an aircraft, it has a lot of windows which neighbors could easily peep-in. But Campbell does not mind this at all, since his airplane house is located in the woods, no one would be able to peep-in. 

He also has his own website, go check it out to see some of the features of his airplane home.

Here are some of the pictures of his airplane home.

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